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Venus Transit June 8th, 2004 Greece

Venus Transit
June 8th, 2004
Transit Images

Sequence-Imaged every 40 minutes.

Pixilated enlargement of Venus at egress.

Though not part of the actual Transit, this was my favorite image. This Prominence was imaged just prior to the beginning of the Transit.  Note it's twisting dispersing and fragmented appearance.  It faded away soon after this image was recorded.  There was little Prominence and Sunspot activity during the Transit.

Profile Image of Transit.

BELOW: White Filter Sequential Image by Fred Espenak.  Venus recorded every 20 minutes.  Note that Fred realigned the image to it's proper position. 
Our Location Temple of Posiedon at Sounion
  Top Image: wide angle showing our Ageian Hotel to the left, and the Temple on the hill to the right.   The lawn was our staging site, 
Middle Image:  Group Image.
Bottum: Sunset from the Temple of Poseidon.
Right Image: The Evenng Before, Fred Espanek gives talk on the Transit.
  Equipment Used    
  The Telescope used was a 76mm TeleVue with a 60mm Coronado H-Alpha Filter.  Camera: Phllips ToUcam 840k (640x480) Pro Web Cam imaged the Transit onto a Laptop Computer.  A Takahshi Teegul Equatorial Mount sat on a modified Bogen 3021s Tripod.   The Computer screen is shielded by a home-made fold-up paper shield.   A pair of easy to see yellow Pelican 1450 Cases are used to transport all but the Tripod.  The Computer is carried in the lid of the case that the Optical Tube Assembly and Solar Filter are carried in.   The Durable Pelicans act as a seat and Computer Table at the observing site and easily fit under an the Airline Seat.  The Focuser is motorized to prevent me from jiggling the scope. Though the Computer battery died 4.5 hours into the Transit (coincidently during a brief cloud cover),  a quick re-charge enabled me to finish recording the Transit.   Unlike a Solar Eclipse in which "Totality" only lasts a few minutes, the Transit lasted 6 hours.  The atmosphere (mood of the crowd) was more relaxed and social during the event.         
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