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Observing from Mt St Helens, Washington
Astro-Camp at Castle Lake Viewpoint MP-40-September 2018.  The clouds cleared later that evening.
Astro-Camp at Castle Lake Viewpoint MP-40 
Sam, Cory, Me & Leo-September 2018
  Elk Rock Viewpoint MP-37-October 2018 
Coldwater Lake Visitor Center-September 2019 FOG Star Party 
Double Rainbow at Coldwater Lake-West end-September 2019 FOG Star Party
MP-40 Parking lot on the Spirit Lake Hwy near Mt. St. Helens
  Mt. St. Helens has become my "go to area"  for Stargazing.  It is a "short" hour and a half drive North.  The evelvation is approximately 3700 feet-not bad.  The "Spirit Lake Highway" leading to our observing sites is paved and modern.  The scenery is breathe taking.  The drive is enjoyable.  There are several locations that make good observing sites.   My favorite place is the "Castle Lake Ovelook" parking lot near Mile Post 40 (MP-40).  It is roomy and accomadating.  Elk Rock Overlook is a second choice, but can be congested because of the lot design.  It does offer a rock wall that acts as a very large observing table.  In a pinch, when forced by weather at the higher altitude, we have gone to the "Harry Gardener" Campground.      Freinds of Galileo (FOG)  Astronomical Society of Longview, Washington.
FOG hosts an annual Public Star Party at the (former) Coldwater Lake Visitor Center.   It is hopeful that this former visitor center will be regularly accessible for Star Party use.   It features a Cafeteria, Media Room, bunk areas and more.  There is a large parking area for RV's, Vehiclles and observing setups.  There is another area for Tent Camping.  It is more than ideal as a host building for an organized Star Party. 
Observing Season-redefined
After 2 consecutive Summers (2017 & 2018) with un-acceptable smoke from wild fires, I feel tha it is time to redefine the observing season.
April May June July August September October
Spring Galaxies Late Spring &
Summer Objects
Interrupted do to heat & Smoke Summer &
Fall Objects
Fall Objects,
Late night for Winter Objects.
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