1998 Total Solar Eclipse February 8th, 1998 Aruba   Home  Telescopes  Gallery Observing stargazingnow.com  by Greg Babcock
1998 Total Solar Eclipse February 8th, 1998 Aruba, Caribbean
Above Image is a composite of 7 images assembled by Richard Berry   using Photoshop.  Jupiter is at lower right approximately 2 degrees away.  Equipment used was a 70mm f/6.8 Pronto Telescope, and 200 iso Kodak Ektachrome Film.  
Total Solar Eclipse  February 26th, 1998,
Aruba Caribbean
Eclipse Day
Eclipse Day
on The Fascination

Our viewing Location on the Cruise Ship Fascination.  I was never worried about the weather, even after cruising through a minor cold rainfall.  I expressed confidence in the Captain on a ship's interview that didn't survive the cutting room according to "Deck neighbors".  I was edited out because I made too much sense..  That is me (Greg Babcock) inset left picture, on my back waiting viewing through a 70mm TeleVue Pronto.  What is not seen.  About 20 minutes prior to first contact, Steve Swayze discovered that his Telescope would not focus.  In classic last second Steve style, he had not tested his newly completed clever 8 inch Telescope with a Camera.  He came at me with-"WHERE'S MEL?"   Mel had spacers to fix the problem. Steve's scope was re-assembled on a Pin Pong Table.  Below Left: Captain after Speaking to the "Eclipse Group".  Below Right: Aruba.  This is where the "Land Observers" viewed from.

Left Image: Our groups location of the Starboard Side.

Total Solar Eclipse  February 26th,1998,
Aruba Caribbean
Caribbean Tour
Tour Group-Arecibo in Puerto Rico  
Puerto Rico
  St. Thomas Island
Float Plane arriving next to our Cruise Ship at St. Thomas Island.
  St. Thomas Island
Our Cruise Ship
The Fascination
in Port at St. Thomas Island. 
  St. Thomas Island
The scale of The Fascination
is seen here while in
Port at St. Thomas Island.
Port of Guataloupe
The Cruise Ship Fascination
in Port at Guataloupe.
Arriving in Grenada. 
Eclipse Base
We viewed the Eclipse from the ship, others from Aruba.
  San Jaun
Puerto Rico
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  1998 Total Solar Eclipse February 8th, 1998 Aruba   Home  Telescopes  Gallery Observing stargazingnow.com  by Greg Babcock
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